About EOForLess.com

At E&O for Less, you’ll find E&O insurance that rewards responsible business practices. Just like a safe-driver discount lowers your car insurance premium, Preferred Risk E&O™ can reduce your E&O Insurance premiums anywhere from 20% to 50%. And remember, Preferred Risk E&O™ is high-quality Errors & Omissions insurance offered & administered by Marsh Consumer.

The great news is that today anyone can apply for this low cost E&O coverage offered!

Preferred Risk E&O™ substantially lowers the cost of E & O Insurance for insurance agents and low-risk financial advisors. Reason: Preferred Risk E&O™ insurance allows agents to pay a premium equal to the risk they pose to the insurer. Since this errors and omissions insurance is for low-risk agents and advisors, CNA’s premium is substantially lower than the premium charged for non-qualifying risks. “Preferred Risk E&O™ is the next-generation of professional liability E&O insurance for insurance professionals,” says Steven R. McCarty, National Ethics Association Chairman. “Now that high-risk agents are purged from the pool, low-risk agents can get a much better deal.”

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