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AARP, NASAA, and Consumers Tag Team to Interview YOU!


Remember when AARP used to send volunteer monitors into free-meal seminars to identify advisor wrongdoing? That move may not have endeared them to financial professionals. However, advisors with nothing to hide didn’t mind having an AARP “Secret Shopper” in their session. Now the 37 million-member affinity group has rolled out another initiative to protect senior […]

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Rogue Advisors on Parade 2018


A former Michigan life insurance agent will be taking an extended vacation behind bars for stealing $800,000 from his senior clients. According to state authorities, Paul Garceau, Jr., 51, of Grosse Point Park, pleaded guilty to perpetrating a Ponzi scheme against his mostly elderly customers. For his role embezzling money from a dozen Detroit-area clients, […]

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Cyberattacks and How to Make Sure Your Business is Safe


­Whatever your license type—life or health insurance, securities broker, registered investment advisor, property-casualty agent, or real estate broker owner—cybersecurity should top your list of risk-management concerns. As recent news has repeatedly shown, financial professionals of all stripes face increasing cyber risks. And those who continue doing business as usual are setting themselves up for potentially […]


Be Fully Covered. It’s the Right Thing to Do


Most people understand the importance of buying auto insurance or even homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. They intuitively appreciate not only the reasons why protecting their car and home make financial sense, but also why insuring them is the right thing to do for society at large (e.g.: minimizes the number of uninsured drivers wreaking financial […]

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