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EOforLess Enters Real Estate Industry with Groundbreaking “Click and Bind” Technology

Posted by: EOForLess on June 22, 2015

EOforLess.com makes professional liability insurance buying easier, faster, and more affordable for low-risk brokers and broker-owners. SAN DIEGO, CA, July 15, 2015— Real estate professionals are one transaction away from getting hit with a professional liability lawsuit. Always a risky business, selling real estate became even riskier after the 2007/2008 economic melt-down, the impact of […]

Involved with Reverse Mortgages? Be Careful

Posted by: EOForLess on June 10, 2015

As more and more boomers reach retirement age, the need for them to create retirement income will become more acute. This is especially true for the 41 percent of Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 who have no retirement savings at all. Without funds stashed away, many will turn to their home equity […]

The Perils of Puffery: Guidance on Plagiarism and Ghostwriting

Posted by: EOForLess on June 2, 2015

If your marketing brochure claimed you were the best financial advisor in America, few people would believe you, since there’s no practical way to compare all advisors to determine the single greatest one. In fact, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has said advertising puffery does not warrant enforcement action because it’s so ludicrous as […]

Variable Annuity Hot Spots: Compliance Tips for the Cautious Advisor

Posted by: EOForLess on May 28, 2015

Do you sell a lot of variable annuities? Then you surely know they attract regulatory scrutiny like magnets pick up metal shavings. The good news is it’s easy to ward off problems by avoiding certain “hot” practices. There are five main ones, experts say: Inadequate/improper disclosures Insufficient prospect/client education Abusive sales tactics, especially of seniors […]

Working for the Affluent: Gravy Train or Ethical Train Wreck?

Posted by: EOForLess on May 20, 2015

Serving rich clients isn’t a panacea. Bud Fox, the neophyte broker in the classic film “Wall Street,” learned this the hard way. Remember the film’s Shakespearan plot? Fox (Charlie Sheen), an ambitious junior trader, decides to win corporate raider Gorden Gekko (Michael Douglas) as a client. Gekko, ruthless and slick, brushes him off, but Fox […]

Trust’s Poison Pill: Why Conflicts of Interest are Your Worst Medicine

Posted by: EOForLess on May 12, 2015

If client trust is the nutrient that builds healthy financial-services careers, then conflicts of interest are the poison that kills them. Financial manufacturers have given lip service to this truism for decades, as have distributors. But the profits that come from conflicts are hard to deny in practice. However, with the fiduciary standard looming on […]

Variable Annuity Hot Spots: Compliance Tips for the Cautious Advisor

Posted by: EOForLess on May 4, 2015

As a financial advisor, you probably know a great deal about insurance. Consequently, you understand why life and health insurers must exclude certain losses in order to preserve company solvency. But what about the errors-and-omissions insurance you buy for your firm? Do you know what your policy covers exactly and what it doesn’t? In a […]

Customer Service Ethics: Beware the Dark Side

Posted by: EOForLess on April 1, 2015

Years ago, an NEA team member worked for a large auto insurance company as a claims service representative. He was part of the front line team responsible for taking accident reports from the company’s customers. It was a low-paying, high-stress job, held by a motley staff of college students, teachers, and working moms. The team […]

Are Robo-Advisors Winning? Time to Play the Ethics Card

Posted by: EOForLess on March 23, 2015

Are human financial advisors engaged in a life-or-death struggle with Internet-based investment services, also known as “robo-advisors”? If you read the industry trade press, you’d be hard-pressed not to draw that conclusion. “Will Financial Advisors Become Obsolete,” asks one article. “Robo-Advisors Expanding Rapidly,” warns another. “Eliminate the Robo Threat,” commands a third. If you derive […]

Regret Nothing: Five Lessons from Rogue Advisors, Part 1

Posted by: EOForLess on March 12, 2015

When you’re on your deathbed, will you regret having spent so much time at the office? Probably not, say healthcare workers who counsel patients in their final days. In fact, one such worker, Bronnie Ware, an Australian palliative care nurse, collected her patients’ disappointments on her blog, eventually publishing a book on the topic called […]