About EOForLess.com

EOforLess.com helps insurance, investment, and real estate professionals buy E&O insurance at an affordable cost in five minutes or less.

Thanks to our convenient online shopping platform, agents and brokers no longer must fill out long, confusing applications or wait hours or days to receive an insurance quote. With our innovative e-commerce technology, EOforLess.com provides “click and bind” coverage in minutes, with no hassles or hidden fees.

A key feature of EOforLess.com is our focus on serving low-risk financial professionals. Re-engineering the underwriting process, EOforLess.com asks only nine brief risk-assessment questions. This helps allows us to screen out claim-prone advisors who not only increase premiums for everyone else, but also jeopardize the strength and integrity of the program.

Although we added E&O insurance for real estate professionals in 2015, EOforLess.com entered the E&O insurance business in 2008. Today, we provide E&O products for life and health and property-casualty insurance agents, registered investment advisors, and real estate brokers and owners.

EOforLess.com is sponsored by the National Ethics Association, a trade group of financial professionals dedicated to promoting ethical and transparent business practices and to helping members enhance and safeguard their professional reputations. All purchasers of EOforLess.com insurance coverage also become National Ethics Association members, qualifying for a valuable array of extra benefits.

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