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Sharks Swirling: Top Five Errors-and Omissions Prevention Strategies

It’s no secret that recent market cycles have created a financial blood bath. Millions of consumers lost trillions in net worth. People who work in real estate or investment banking have seen their livelihoods sink. And millions more Americans have lost their jobs and with them, their ability to stay afloat financially. Well, you know […]


How to Sell Suitable Annuities

There’s been a lot of sound and fury about annuity suitability in recent years. Concerned about inappropriate sales to seniors, many states have adopted new suitability standards for agents to follow. Not surprisingly, insurance companies want their agents to justify and document the appropriateness of their annuity sales. What’s an agent to do? Get serious […]


Protect Yourself with Full Disclosure

Misrepresentation happens all too often in financial services. Just look at the number of financial professionals cited by regulators for stretching the truth about their products. They often try to make those products look better than they are or suggest they provide benefits they don’t. In fact, we recently heard of a broker who told […]