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How to Avoid E&O Time Bombs

Have you ever forgotten to renew your errors and omissions (E&O) insurance? Guess what . . . you created a ticking time bomb: an E&O coverage lapse. If you have an E&O insurance policy, you already know what it does. It will protect you financially in the event an error or omission on your part […]

What to Look For in E&O Insurance

Ask National Ethics Association… Q: I am a financial advisor who’s required to have errors and omission coverage. What do I need to look for in an  policy? A: Before we give you the answer, here’s a short introduction on E&O that may be helpful. Errors-and-omissions insurance, or E&O, is an important business expense for […]

Avoiding Law Suits

Ask National Ethics Association… Q: It seems like advisor/client relationships are getting more adversarial these days. How can I protect myself from getting sued? A: You’re smart to be thinking about this. Here are ten ways you can lower your odds of getting sued Tip #1: Be a Consummate Professional. There is no short cut […]