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Three Tips for New Insurance Agents

Keeping Your Business Safe with E&O Insurance As a new insurance agent, you’ve decided to enter a highly rewarding industry, both financially and psychologically. However, to attain these rewards requires a huge investment of time, energy, and fortitude. Because these sacrifices can be intense, you might have difficulty managing the three key challenges facing new […]

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Documentation: A Blessing or Curse for Financial Advisors?

Documentation—the practice of summarizing every key client conversation and decision in writing—is a crucial part of your day. It not only produces a paper (or electronic) trail of your regulatory compliance, it helps to support your legal defense in case a cl­ient sues you.  For these reasons, compliance officers and attorneys are big on documentation. […]

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Five Reasons Why E&O Insurance Helps Agents Build Client Trust

“Actions speak louder than words,” goes the old saying. This is especially true in life insurance, where agents who deliver on their promises outpace those who breach them. One especially important action is purchasing E&O insurance for your business. This doesn’t just protect your finances against client lawsuits; it sends a powerful message to your […]