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E&O No: Do’s and Don’ts for Responding to Client Disputes

Many financial advisors view E&O disputes as something that only happen to incompetent or criminal financial advisors. In reality, the odds of incurring a claim or lawsuit are quite high, with insurer statistics suggesting as many as one in seven advisors experience a claim at some point in their careers[1]. Accepting this fact will equip […]

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The Truth Standard, Part 2: The Last Laugh

Imagine a marketplace where your competitors always tell the truth. OK, you can stop rolling on the floor laughing (“ROFL” in Internet speak). But seriously, what would such a marketplace be like? For one thing, you wouldn’t have agents claiming their products offer Mercedes benefits at Kia prices. Or saying their State Guarantee Fund covers […]

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THE TRUTH: The Ultimate Standard for Preventing Client Problems (Part 1)

The truth is becoming a rare commodity in business these days. In fact, misrepresentation and fraud in financial services is a symptom of a larger pattern of deceit in every corner of American life. Consider these facts: Forty percent of Americans think it’s OK to lie (Ipsos survey, 2006). People lie about 11 times a […]