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If You Think Your Company Can Do Without E&O Insurance, Think Again

Posted by: EOForLess on February 21, 2017

What is E&O Insurance and What Does It Deal With? As providers of E&O insurance, EOforLess.com admires the time and effort financial professionals invest in their firms. We also admire their courage in going out on their own when the majority of people today opt for the security of working for someone else. And we […]

A Full Policy Of Errors & Omissions Insurance Is A Life Saving Investment

Posted by: EOForLess on December 22, 2016

Do You Really Need a Full Policy of E&O Insurance for Your New Business?   As a financial professional, do you lead a full life—rich with family, friend, hobbies, travel, and the like? Do you enjoy buying gifts for your small children or helping your grown ones achieve their life goals? Do you still get […]

Why Every Online Based Business Needs E&O Insurance

Posted by: EOForLess on November 29, 2016

Ultimate Policy of Liability Protection Every financial professional doing business today—life/health insurance agents, property-casualty insurance agents, securities brokers, registered investment advisors, real estate agents and broker-owners—operate in an online environment. They might not actually close insurance or financial transactions online. But they use the Internet to support nearly every facet of their sales and service […]

Why Businesses Need E&O Insurance The Most

Posted by: EOForLess on November 14, 2016

Protection from Everyday Mistakes “Protection from everyday mistakes.” It’s a prosaic phrase with profound meaning once you start thinking about it. “Everyday mistakes” refers on the surface to the small errors & omissions that nearly every business professional makes at one time or another. Failing to fill out a form correctly. Forgetting to return a […]

How Insurance Coverage for Errors & Omissions Can Protect Your Business’ Future

Posted by: EOForLess on November 4, 2016

Don’t Be a Victim of Errors & Omissions It’s a given that financial professionals make mistakes. They’re human, after all. The key is for them not to become a victim of their own errors and omissions. Let’s consider that statement a bit further. It’s totally natural for insurance, investment, and real estate professionals to make […]

Discover the Benefits of Errors & Omissions Insurance

Posted by: EOForLess on October 31, 2016

E&O Insurance The benefits of E&O insurance aren’t what they seem initially. Many financial professionals view E&O insurance as a way to protect themselves against client lawsuits. If they win in court, their policy will pay for their attorney fees. If they lose, it will cover the cost of the legal judgment, along with court […]

Why It Matters Where You Buy E&O Insurance Online

Posted by: EOForLess on October 10, 2016

Quality “Can I buy quality E&O insurance online?” That is a great question many financial professionals are asking themselves today. With insurance as important as professional liability, the last thing they want is a policy that leaves them unprotected when they need it most. They also don’t want to buy coverage that is confusing, hard […]

Advisor Alert: Make Caution the Watchword in Crowdfunded Investing

Posted by: EOForLess on August 23, 2016

Under new rules effective May 16, 2016, the public can now invest in early-stage start-ups via online platforms that are subject to registration and disclosure requirements. For their part, consumers are limited in how much they can invest based on their income and net worth. The U.S. government permitted crowdfunded investing as part of its […]

Human Brain as E&O Threat: Seven Ways to Fight Emotional/Cognitive Bias

Posted by: EOForLess on August 23, 2016

E&O insurance claims arise in two fundamental ways. First, financial professionals do something wrong or fail to do something important, either of which causes harm to a client. Second, they do everything right and don’t omit an important action, but a client sues them anyway. How can that be? Because human brains are wired for […]

No-Worry Selling, Part 2: Solicit Straight to Win Big

Posted by: EOForLess on August 23, 2016

Should solicitation “tricksters” be named to the Sales Hall of Shame? Yes, because advisors who play games in order to gain appointments hurt their prospective customers, while smearing the good name of competitors who sell straight. And they’re not doing themselves any favors, either. Adopting a “no-worries” solicitation style makes infinitely more business sense. It […]