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The E&O Dangers of Selling Health Insurance


Health Insurance Agents: The Claims You Should Protect Against Although the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) gave millions more Americans access to health insurance, it resulted in dramatic shrinkage in the commissions insurance companies pay to agents. This has resulted in large numbers of agents fleeing the business to sell other forms of […]

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The Ultimate Advisor Success Strategy


Growing Client Trust Are you focused on increasing client trust as a business success strategy? If not, you should be, two recent industry reports suggest. The first, a Vanguard study entitled “Trust and Financial Advice,” strongly conveys the relationship between deeper consumer trust and positive business outcomes for financial professionals. Based on a mix of […]

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Give Your Clients Peace of Mind with E&O Insurance


Six Trust Building Strategies for Life Insurance Agents Trust doesn’t just happen. You can’t create it with a snappy call to action or a clever objection response. It’s something you have to earn daily through your words and actions. For this reason, building trust requires a deliberate, multi-faceted strategy, nurtured steadily over months and years. […]

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Avoid Lawsuits with This Checklist


Would you prefer to spend time and money on growing your business or on protecting it? Yup, we thought so. And that’s because it’s human nature to focus on positive things and to avoid dealing with negative matters. Yet preventing bad outcomes from harming your business can have as large a beneficial impact on your […]

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