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What is Click & Bind E & O Insurance

Posted by: EOForLess on February 24, 2017

The Age of Internet E&O Insurance Shopping Today, consumers expect to be able to buy everything and anything on the Web: books, music, movies, clothes, shoes, and even cars. But it wasn’t too long ago that buying a product online was either impossible or clunky. That’s not surprising, since selling on the Web—also known as […]

Professional Liability Insurance Helps Build Trust for P&C Agents

Posted by: EOForLess on February 21, 2017

Building Trust in P&C Insurance P&C insurance agencies are everywhere across America. According to the Accenture Independent Agency Survey, there are 39,000 independent P&C insurance agencies doing business today, with thousands more operating under a single-insurer brand. Agencies typically produce $5 to $6 million in annual premiums, posting commissions of about $1 million and employing […]

E&O Insurance Can Mean the Difference Between Bankruptcy And Longevity

Posted by: EOForLess on February 17, 2017

Don’t Let a Large E&O Judgment Kill Your Business Most small financial-services businesses operate on slim margins. They lack a surplus of commissions, fees, and other income over their monthly expenses. What’s more, firms often have limited assets to convert into cash when emergencies arise. Since they essentially operate on a high wire with no […]

What Are the Situations You Need To Carry E&O Insurance In?

Posted by: EOForLess on February 13, 2017

The Era of the Handshake Deal is Long Gone Sad to say, the era of the handshake deal has passed. Decades ago, it took only a signature and a handshake for a financial professional to close a sale with a prospect. Those were the days when a person’s word meant something. Advisors would do their […]

E&O Insurance Is Your Best Protection Against Unforeseen Disasters

Posted by: EOForLess on February 6, 2017

The risks of errors & omissions are real. Despite the human tendency of assuming that bad things always happen to other people, the chance of an unhappy client suing you is significant.

If You Think Your Company Can Do Without E&O Insurance, Think Again

Posted by: EOForLess on January 31, 2017

What is E&O Insurance and What Does It Deal With? As providers of E&O insurance, EOforLess.com admires the time and effort financial professionals invest in their firms. We also admire their courage in going out on their own when the majority of people today opt for the security of working for someone else. And we […]

Learn About the Ways E&O Insurance Can Benefit Your Business

Posted by: EOForLess on January 24, 2017

The Best Way to Protect Yourself from Customer Complaints Are you so busy adding new clients and serving existing ones that you never learn about the ways E&O insurance can benefit your business? We thought so. But don’t worry. It’s never too late to protect yourself with high-quality and affordable E&O insurance. Now, we understand […]

What Do So Many Businesses Misunderstand About E&O Insurance?

Posted by: EOForLess on January 19, 2017

As with all forms of insurance, E&O insurance can be hard to understand. And that’s under the best of circumstances when a business owner has plenty of time to learn about this essential coverage. So what do so many business misunderstand about E&O insurance?

Errors & Omissions Are Human, But Relief From Liability Is Divine

Posted by: EOForLess on December 27, 2016

How Can a Policy of E&O Insurance Save Your Business? As much as financial professionals would like to be perfect, they aren’t. They are prone to making mistakes because they are human. And those so-called errors & omissions can be expensive to resolve, at best, and fatal to a business, at worst. Fortunately, a policy […]

Why Even The Smallest Startup Needs An E&O Insurance Policy

Posted by: EOForLess on December 22, 2016

Insurance policies are the hallmark of a professional startup When people launch a financial or real-estate startup, the temptation is to start doing business with as few fixed costs as possible. This might involve leasing lower-grade office space, hiring 1099 virtual assistants rather than a full-time salaried staff, or skimping on insurance and employee benefits. […]