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Bulletproof Practice, Part 5: How to Complete a Due-Diligence Analysis

Posted by: EOForLess on July 19, 2016

In Part Four of this series, we discussed the first two elements of the due-diligence process: Research and Verification. In this article, we will review the third and final element: Analysis, which involves conducting a so-called SWOT Analysis. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This is a straight forward approach to […]

Top Ten Most Frequent Real Estate E&O Claims, Part 4: Consumer Protection Act, Money Dispute

Posted by: EOForLess on July 14, 2016

This article continues with the seventh and eight most common real estate E&O insurance claims: consumer protection act and money dispute. Consumer Protection Act Most jurisdictions have enacted consumer protection laws that challenge any “unfair methods of competition… and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce.” Some courts have held consumer protection […]

Top Ten Real Estate E&O Claims, Part 3: Bodily Injury/Property Damage, Misrepresentation

Posted by: EOForLess on July 12, 2016

This article continues with the fifth and sixth most common real estate E&O insurance claims: bodily injury/property damage and misrepresentation. Bodily Injury / Property Damage Most often the types of claims we see in this area concern undisclosed latent defects, such as water intrusion in the basement, a leaking roof, termite damage, etc. Typically, claimed […]

Advisor Alert: Six Things to Do When Client Incapacity Strikes

Posted by: EOForLess on July 7, 2016

With the aging of America, financial professionals are facing increasing numbers of clients showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other age-related dementias. Although the temptation is to not get involved due to privacy concerns, it’s important for advisors to take action to protect their clients, as well as to prevent E&O insurance exposure. National Compliance Services, […]

No-Worry Selling Part 1: Sleep Aid for Sales Superstars

Posted by: EOForLess on July 5, 2016

When was the last time you had a restful night’s sleep? Can’t remember? You’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 50-70 million U.S. adults have problems sleeping, leading them to wake up chronically tired and ill equipped to function at work. But here’s what we really want to know. […]

When Client Mistrust Breeds E&O Insurance Disputes: Nine Ways to Stay Safe

Posted by: EOForLess on June 30, 2016

The financial-services industry has a perennial consumer-trust problem. Year after year, studies show that consumers don’t trust financial institutions or financial advisors to do what’s right. A recent survey reveals that consumer mistrust of the financial-services industry slipped even further in 2016. According to a recent study from the National Association of Retirement Plan Participants, […]

They’re Coming for YOU! Seven Ways Plaintiff’s Attorneys Drum Up Advisor Lawsuits

Posted by: EOForLess on June 29, 2016

As an NEA member and customer of EOforLess, you know we encourage financial professionals of all stripes to do business ethically and legally at all times. It’s simply the right thing to do, which pays big dividends in terms of growing a successful and sustainable business. To make that case, we appeal to the better […]

Protect Your E&O Insurance Record: Get Serious NOW about Cybersecurity

Posted by: EOForLess on June 28, 2016

It’s a rare day when consumers don’t read about another cybersecurity breach afflicting a U.S. business. For example, last year Anthem, a large health insurer, announced that hackers stole sensitive personal information from 80 million of its customers. Not surprisingly, consumers are on edge about future attacks, as are financial-services regulators. In fact, the North […]

Bulletproof Practice, Part 4: What’s in Your Due Diligence Files?

Posted by: EOForLess on June 24, 2016

The due diligence requirements of the financial-services industry have become dynamic. Our objective is not to make you an expert; your expertise is in client management. Rather, our objective is to give you the tools to build a defensible position. Documentation is the key to your defense. Having an organized set of files with your […]

Top Ten Real Estate E&O Claims, Part 2: Breach of Contract and Negligence

Posted by: EOForLess on June 23, 2016

This article continues with the third and fourth most common real estate E&O insurance claims: breach of contract and negligence. The first and second most common types are here. Breach of Contract We regularly encounter lawsuits wherein one party, usually the plaintiff, asserts a breach of contract claim against the insured real estate agent. Breach […]