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How One Client Can Ruin Your Business | Errors and Omissions

Posted by: EOForLess on June 23, 2017

All it takes is one mistake to turn a client against you and ensnare you in a nasty legal proceeding. And if the case doesn’t go your way, it’s all too easy to have everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve go up in smoke. Don’t let this happen to you. Do business defensively and take steps to protect yourself against nasty client lawsuits by purchasing comprehensive, affordable E&O insurance from EOforLess.com.

Top Reasons to Buy Your Errors and Omissions Insurance from EOforLess

Posted by: EOForLess on June 9, 2017

Insurance and financial professionals are typically required to buy errors and omissions insurance. So the question isn’t whether they need to buy errors and omissions insurance, but rather where to buy it from.

How Errors and Omissions Insurance Factors into Online Trust

Posted by: EOForLess on May 31, 2017

Most insurance agents today understand how errors and omissions insurance lowers their risks of doing business. But they may not see how errors and omissions insurance builds online trust.

E&O Insurance Business Ethics

Posted by: EOForLess on May 25, 2017

The starting point for creating trust: words. You must always strive to speak from a place of deep authority. Know what you’re talking about, and project that expertise in every consumer interaction, whether personal or via your website.

Top Three Ways Life/Health Agents Get into E&O Trouble

Posted by: EOForLess on May 19, 2017

The vast majority of life and health insurance agents are ethical, compliant with industry regulations, and have meticulous business practices. But even the best agents make mistakes, and when this happens, lawsuits often follow.

E&O Insurance and What It Is

Posted by: EOForLess on May 9, 2017

At its core, E&O insurance is a way of transferring an unknown, but potentially devastating loss to an insurance company. By paying an E&O insurance premium, you convert this unknown into a known risk with a fixed expense attached —an annual, quarterly, or monthly insurance premium.

Required E&O Insurance for Life Agents

Posted by: EOForLess on May 2, 2017

It’s a truism today that E&O insurance is required for life agents. But let’s explore this notion a bit further. Where does this requirement come from and how important is it for agents to have E&O insurance to protect their businesses?

E&O Insurance Builds Trust through Ethical Practices

Posted by: EOForLess on April 24, 2017

There is a trust deficit in financial services these days. All the major opinion surveys find that consumers are lacking in trust when it comes to financial institutions and financial advisors.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy E&O Insurance Online

Posted by: EOForLess on April 10, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Buy E&O Insurance Online - The insurance industry is a conservative, risk-averse business. That’s a good thing because as stewards of their clients’ money, the last thing they want is to make decisions that put those resources in jeopardy.

Independent Life and Health Agent E&O Insurance Policy

Posted by: EOForLess on April 3, 2017

Life is complicated. There are so many things to achieve, and so little time to accomplish them all. This is why smart people prioritize must-have goals over nice-to-have ones. By focusing their time, money, and energies on their mandatory items, they are more likely to create an enjoyable and profitable life.