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How to Get the Best E&O Insurance Policy for P&C Agents

Posted by: EOForLess on October 17, 2016

E&O Insurance for P&C Agents What is the best E&O insurance policy for P&C agents? The answer depends on the precise nature of your P&C business, on whether you’re a solopreneur or owner of an agency with multiple agents and customer service representatives, and on the risk profile of your customer base. But at the […]

Why It Matters Where You Buy E&O Insurance Online

Posted by: EOForLess on October 10, 2016

Quality “Can I buy quality E&O insurance online?” That is a great question many financial professionals are asking themselves today. With insurance as important as professional liability, the last thing they want is a policy that leaves them unprotected when they need it most. They also don’t want to buy coverage that is confusing, hard […]

The Basic Benefits of Carrying E&O Insurance for Life Agents

Posted by: EOForLess on October 3, 2016

Benefits of E&O Insurance The benefits of E&O insurance for life agents fall into two different buckets. The first relates to the mistakes life agents make in the course of doing their traditional work. These mistakes, which involve doing the wrong thing or simply failing to act when action was required, crop up in every […]

Buy E&O Insurance Online in Less Than Five Minutes

Posted by: EOForLess on September 27, 2016

Buy E&O Insurance Online Fast Years ago, financial professionals could only dream of being able to buy E&O insurance online fast. They needed this capability in order to secure appointments with field marketing intermediaries and insurance companies. However, at a time when insurers lacked the technology to issue policies online, they forced insurance and financial […]

Why You Need E&O Insurance for Your Business

Posted by: EOForLess on September 21, 2016

E&O Insurance for Your Business Do you need E&O insurance for your business? Almost all financial professionals ask themselves this question at one point or another in their careers.  Many answer, “yes” because they perceive themselves to be operating in dangerous times. Think about it. Insurance and financial advisors deal with complex client needs—savings for […]

Buying E&O Insurance Online Latest Market Improvements

Posted by: EOForLess on September 2, 2016

E&O Insurance for P&C Agents Professional liability insurance is a linchpin of most P&C agents’ product portfolios. They understand its importance for their business clients and work hard to assess risks and recommend appropriate E&O insurance solutions. What they might not fully appreciate is how important E&O insurance has become to their own businesses, largely […]

Buy and Print E&O Insurance Online

Posted by: EOForLess on August 22, 2016

Buying insurance is increasingly becoming an online affair. Just witness the growing number of financial professionals today who buy and print E&O insurance online. This should come as no surprise for two reasons. First, insurance and financial advisors know just how risky their business can be. Clients with complaints, imagined or real, can bring suit, resulting in judgments costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Advisor Alert: Make Caution the Watchword in Crowdfunded Investing

Posted by: EOForLess on August 19, 2016

Under new rules effective May 16, 2016, the public can now invest in early-stage start-ups via online platforms that are subject to registration and disclosure requirements. For their part, consumers are limited in how much they can invest based on their income and net worth. The U.S. government permitted crowdfunded investing as part of its […]

Real Estate E&O 101: Getting Started the Right Way

Posted by: EOForLess on August 18, 2016

Real estate E&O insurance 101 is designed to give you an overview of what an E&O insurance policy offers real estate agents, brokers, and owners when it comes to protecting your company and yourself against claims and lawsuits brought about by current and past transactions or clients. Before you dig into the following, a definition […]

Human Brain as E&O Threat: Seven Ways to Fight Emotional/Cognitive Bias

Posted by: EOForLess on August 17, 2016

E&O insurance claims arise in two fundamental ways. First, financial professionals do something wrong or fail to do something important, either of which causes harm to a client. Second, they do everything right and don’t omit an important action, but a client sues them anyway. How can that be? Because human brains are wired for […]