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Misrepresentation happens all too often in financial services. Just look at the number of financial professionals cited by regulators for stretching the truth about their products. They often try to make those products look better than they are or suggest they provide benefits they don’t. In fact, we recently heard of a broker who told […]

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Not all E&O policies are the same. And depending on your specialty, there are certain elements you may need that others do not. Here are some of the features you should look for in a high-quality E&O policy: Adequate liability coverage All E&O policies include liability coverage that protects you from financial loss due to […]

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As a financial professional, you know you need errors and omissions insurance. The challenge is finding high-quality coverage that doesn’t break the bank. Here are five techniques that will help protect your business, while saving you money. 1. Take advantage of your clean record. If you do business responsibly, chances are you’ve never been sued […]

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The Incident An agent writes a $1 million life insurance policy on his then 36-year-old male client. The client requests a premium waiver in case he ever gets disabled. The agent assures the client the policy will be issued with the rider. However, the policy is issued without one. The client receives the policy, never […]

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